About Tablets

There are many good reasons to use a Tablet to navigate with, here are some of them.

Today there is a large selection of charts for tablets, if you have bought a sea chart, it will stay updated, the tablet automatically retrieves the updated charts when it is connected to the internet, and the updates are often free.

A tablet can be switched on with a slight finger stroke without being connected to power, cables, fuses, mains switch, etc., no more, keep the button down for 3sec, press 2 times the arrow down, 3 times the arrow right ... no tablets are much more user-friendly.
A tablet is about 1 cm thick, weighs 2-300g and keep power for up to 10 hours at constant use. (a big deal if your boat batteries collapse or a short circuit has put your 12 / 24v system down)
Tablets have a built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and can connect to the Internet, make a call, manage your music CD player, entertain with games, movies or music, send emails, listen to radio, view live TV, etc. etc. The list is long.

And using equipment Tech Marine Shop, you can navigate all around the world, show wind direction and speed, fuel consumption, look around the boat while sitting at home or in the yacht club, receive AIS positions from other ships at sea, receive your GPS position from satellites, turn on and off your main circuit breaker, yes there are almost no limits.
And with "Split View" you can see more app's at the same time
You can use any type of tablet to navigate with.

    Then you are on the right course.