WiFi AIS and GPS with NMEA QK-A026
WiFi AIS and GPS with NMEA QK-A026
WiFi AIS and GPS with NMEA QK-A026

WiFi AIS and GPS with NMEA QK-A026

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If you want to merge AIS, GPS and NMEA data …

The A026 combines dual channel AIS data, with GPS and NMEA information allowing you to view wirelessly anywhere on your boat (and connect to a chart plotter or device of your choice).

Connect for example the NMEA to Bluetooth and receive its wind data on iSailor 

The advantage of an integrated GPS is that you can see, not only where the other ships are, but crucially where you are in comparison with them and the coastline.

The ideal wireless AIS, GPS and NMEA multiplexer for your convenience.

  • Size 150x65mm (hull pattern 60x85mm)
  • Compact dual channel AIS receiver
  • Multiplexer: combines AIS, GPS and NMEA 0183
  • Can be used wireless (WiFi) or through the USB or NMEA ports
  • Up to 45 nautical miles receiving range
  • Compatible with Chart plotters, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux systems, Android and iOS

View AIS, GPS and NMEA, either Wired or Wireless 


    • Two independent receivers monitoring AIS channels (161.975MHz &162.025MHz) and decoding both channels simultaneously
    • Sensitivity down to -106 dBm@30% PER
    • Up to 45 nautical miles receiving range
    • USB 2.0 powered (<270mA @ 5.0V)
    • NMEA-0183 message output through WiFi,USB and RS422
    • Built-in GPS to provide position data
    • Combines NMEA input(4.8kpbs only), GPS and AIS messages, and outputs as a seamless stream of data
    • BNC connector for 50 Ohm VHF antenna
    • Powered SMA connector for 50 Ohm GPS antenna
    • Ad Hoc and Station operating modes
    • The internal WiFi access point connects up to 4 devices simultaneously
    • Compatible with Windows XP,7,8,10,Mac OS X, Linux systems, Android and iOS
    • Plug & play connectivity with chart plotters and PCs
    • Can connect to Garmin products through Garmin Bridge (AS03)

    What’s included?

    1 x QK-A026
    1 x USB cable
    1 x CD with manuals and drivers
    Quick Guide
    (Working with many app's we tested with iSalor)
    • Connect the device via USB
    • Connect the GPS and VHF antenna
    • Connect NMEA out to your chart-plotter (if you have one)
    • Go to settings in your phone / tablet, connect to device wifi, QK-A026 (password 88888888)
    • Open your app, (iSailor, if any) and connect to ip port 2000
      Manual (Step by step Guide showing you how to install the QK-A026.)

      Detailed technical specifications. (The ‘Technical Application Note’)

      The QK-A026 includes all of the features of the QK-A024 but also includes an integrated GPS module. Both of them share the same capabilities for most other features.

      Configuration Software
      This is a generic configuration GUI, which can be used to set up any Quark-elec MUX or WiFi product.

      Compatible with many Apps and Windows software, but not all, we have not tested it all, but here is a list of those we and users have tested.