Fuel flow sensor with Bluetooth
Fuel flow sensor with Bluetooth
Fuel flow sensor with Bluetooth
Fuel flow sensor with Bluetooth

Fuel flow sensor with Bluetooth

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This brilliant Bluetooth fuel sensor is not just a flow sensor, it's also a fuel level sensor, that keeps track of how much fuel is in your tank. The ECO calculator informs you about optimal speed under current conditions. The average fuel use is calculated and logged during your trip. And the flow meter will inform your about real time fuel consumption.

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Connections for hose Ø 9.5 mm (3/8"), Ø 8 mm (5/16") or Ø 6mm /1/4") no cable required, the small (supplied) CR2450 Battery last one season (330 days standby, 1400 hours in use), and is easy to replace. If you need another hose size, please contact us.


Using your iOS device, the super simple user interface tells you:

  • Your current, live fuel use - accurate to one tenth of a US gallon per hour
  • Your current cruising range, shown on a Map as a blue circle
  • Your optimal range, what we call "EcoRange" shown as a green circle with an EcoRange Leaf symbol beside it​​
  • Your current fuel level with high precision, just tell the app how much fuel you add, and it will count exactly how much you have in your tank. It's the sensor that's the counter so if you did not start the app while cruising, consumption will be updated when the app connects to the sensor again.

Optio Fuel saves you Money by and give you peace of mind:
Optio Fuel shows your current cruising range on a map so you can see how far you can go. Don't worry about getting stranded! Know when you need to turn back or refuel. Keep your costs as low as possible and even reduce your impact on the environment.

Optimizing your cruise:
Optio Fuel continuously calculates the highest speed for the least amount of fuel and displays it on the map as your EcoRange optimized cruise.

Saving you time:
Know your range to empty at current speed. Only stop when you need to refuel and don't stop unless you have to!

Install your Optio Fuel Flow Sensor wirelessly in 5 minutes! Pair multiple devices to our iOS app and transmit fuel usage to within 2% accuracy. Keep track of total fuel used down the tenth of US Gallon.

General info:
When used with twin gasoline engines it automatically detects dual sensors and updates the display to show both and combines consumption and range. In fact, the App has no limit to the number of concurrent sensors so accommodating twin engines and a GenSet or even furnace, compressor, etc. is no problem. 

When used with diesel engines or engines that require a fuel return line, you have the option to designate a sensor as a return line.

The sensor will support flows between 1 to 40 gph which covers engines of approximately 25-350HP.

The most powerful feature of Optio Fuel is the Optio part - the optimized range circle. Even if you already have fuel flow as part of your engine management or Multi-Function Display (MFD) the fuel flow is just a number. It doesn't give any indication of your optimal cruising range unless you calculate it manually, and even then it is static. That means that it was optimal at the time you calculated it but that was with specific boat loading, weather, tides, etc. at that time but it doesn't update so it is still not very accurate. Optio Fuel continually recalculates and is always accurate, no matter what boat loading, tides & currents or even other factors like increased bottom growth.

More capability for a lot less money using something many of us already have in our pockets - a smartphone.

Optio Fuel is certified with FCC, CE, CSA, ABYC, US Coast Guard.

Installations Manual

Firmware Manual

Gear cleaning Guide

App also works in split view on IOS 11 or later