Bluefin Piranha P6CC 2700-lumens 12v/24v 35W
Bluefin Piranha P6CC 2700-lumens 12v/24v 35W

Bluefin Piranha P6CC 2700-lumens 12v/24v 35W

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The Piranha P6CC Multicolour underwater LED is a high quality lamp from Bluefin with 20 years of experience in underwater light for boats.

Surface Mounted LED Underwater Boat Light, Docks or swimming pools.

We often relate light to watt, the more watt the more light.
The quality of LED is however very different, and the amount of "Lumens" are more interesting to understand.
Lumens are the amount of light coming from the lamp, the more lumens the more bright light, you get.
a 20 watt LED lamp can give 1600 lumens, while another 20 watt LED lamp only give 1200 lumens.

With these high quality lamps you get more lumens for your watt.

  • The Piranha P6 Colour Changing LED Underwater Light produces 2700 fixture lumens and gives you the flexibility to showcase your boat in the colour of your choice.
  • Bluefin`s unique Precision Timing Technology (PTT) ensures continuous synchronisation of the the lights without the need of any costly external controllers.
  • Lights are controlled via a simple on/off toggle switch to select and stay on the desired colour or strobe (flashing) mode.
  • Suitable for all types of boats, perfect for transom and side mounting on all hull types.  
  • Incredibly simple to install just one small cable entry hole and 3 mounting screws,reverse polarity protection with in built driver technology.  
  • New Hydro Block Technology.
  • Suitable for use in and out of water use.
  • CE and RINA Type Approved

Recommended for boats up to 50ft

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  • Suitable transom or side hull mounting
  • Surface mount, requires 13mm/0.5" cable entry hole
  • Max Lamp Lumens 6000 / Fixture Lumens 2700
  • Typical LED life expectancy 50,000 + hours
  • Voltage 12V/24V Power Draw 2.0 Amps@24V, 4.0Amps @ 12V
  • Over voltage,current,reverse polarity,active thermal protection 
  • Hydro Block Technology
  • Fixture profile 17.6mm,0.7"
  • Fixture diameter 110mm,4.3"
  • Body: High quality marine grade bronze
  • Lens: optical grade high impact polymer,60 degree beam angle